Michelle Stuhl – A Keen Eye for Design

The eponymous president of Michelle Stuhl & Company, Michelle Stuhl has been in the creative recruiting industry for over 20 years. Her company focuses on recruiting designers and creative professionals through its self-established multidisciplinary executive search method. Ms. Stuhl’s effectiveness when it comes to her work stems from her keen eye for design. Her home literally radiates her exceptional sense of style. This is due to the fact that she and her husband renovated their New York loft a number of years back, and were involved in every facet of the process.

Ms. Stuhl furnished the house with her husband Howard Werner’s sculpted wood furniture and her own paintings. Disliking obtrusive elements that had been added to the apartment before they moved in, such as molding and grilles, Ms. Stuhl had details within the apartment replaced including all of the floors, surfaces and architectural details. This was where her design prowess was at its best. She did not make any major structural changes to the apartment. The walls weren’t moved nor were they torn down. But, she was able to infuse their home with her own style just by investing in the quiet details.

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